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Natural Yarns

All alpaca hand spun and commercially prepared yarns are worsted spun unless otherwise stated.

HAND SPUN in natural colours lovingly spun from baby alpaca fleeces

These are individually spun, mostly 4ply and lace weight, either 100% alpaca or blended with silk.

Priced per hank. £15 per 50gms

MILLSPUN natural colours

100% double knit alpaca in cream and grey £4.50 per 50gms

Alpaca / silk, 4ply in cream £5.50 per 50gms

Alpaca / silk lace weight in cream £15 per 100gms

Alpaca / cashmere/silk double knit “Double Cream” £15 per 100gms

                   Lace weight (600m) “clotted Cream” £15 per 100gms.

Pure silk lace weight £18

100% Suri/Silk Alpaca - lace weight cream £15 per 100gms DYED YARNS  All yarn is individually dyed and comes in three weights: Double knit - 4ply - lace weight (800m)  From £15 - £22 per 100gms. Alpaca/silk Lace weight £18 per 100gms 100% alpaca 4ply & double knit £7.50 per 50gms Suri also available in cones